Nicoline Douwes Isema is a Dutch sleep enthusiast and dream expert. She’s on a mission to show everyone how to wake up with a new idea.

Because here’s a little known fact: your brain works while you are sleeping.
A resting brain is hardwired for creative problem solving. Let’s use this resource.

Harness the power of your sleeping brain

wake up with a good idea

coaches: work with your client’s dreams

get a dream expert as a speaker


Insight is great, action is progress.

That’s exactly what we did: look at the dream, hunt for the pattern, draw comparisons to life, solve the problem. Thanks Nicoline!

Annie, sales trainer

Nicoline leads with her curiosity, and guides each person through a series of questions to get to the root of what’s happening in your dreams and how that applies to your waking life as well. Highly recommend.

Melany, energy coach