Harness the power of your sleeping brain

Your brain doesn’t stop working while you sleep. In fact, we brainstorm in our sleep.

While we dream our brain processes information and makes new connections, among many other things. And you can learn to use that.

I’m here to help you wake up with new ideas.

Brainstorm in your sleep

wake up with a good idea

use sleeping brainstorms to help your business

get a dream expert as a speaker


Insight is great, action is progress.

That’s exactly what we did: look at the dream, hunt for the pattern, draw comparisons to life, solve the problem. Thanks Nicoline!

Annie, sales trainer

Nicoline leads with her curiosity, and guides each person through a series of questions to get to the root of what’s happening in your dreams and how that applies to your waking life as well. Highly recommend.

Melany, energy coach