About Nicoline

Hi, I’m Nicoline, dream expert and sleep enthusiast. I’m on a mission to show everyone how to wake up with new ideas.

To be honest, I love to sleep. Especially since I discovered that our brain activity in dreams isn’t random, but directly relates to our waking life.

We process the information from the day, but also make new connections and relate our experiences to our deeper feelings.

Trained as a coach, I help my clients to:

  • sleep consciously and wake up with a new idea
  • get feedback from their own subconscious intelligence
  • unpack dreams for insight

I am a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, I authored the book Wat heb jij gedroomd vannacht, de kracht van denken in je slaap (in Dutch), and I talk about dreams and creativity in the media.

But most of all, I want to help you make use of your dreaming brain in your everyday life.

Let me show you how to wake up with new inspiration and insight. Contact me for more information, a booking, or to sign up for my newsletter.