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  • Brainstorm in your sleep
  • 2-part program
  • part 1: 45 minute personal induction to prime your brain
  • Part 2: 90 minutes personal result analysis
  • Online via Zoom

In sleep we connect information in ways we wouldn’t do in the day.

This power can be harnessed, and I am here to guide you through it step by step. Wake up with new insights, ideas and inspiration.

Dream Analysis

  • 90 minute dream exploration
  • Online via Zoom
  • Discover insight in your dream
  • Formulate an action plan

Dreams can be a surpisingly effective way to access your subconscious intelligence.

Together we unpack your dream, find insights, and define an action plan.


  • Tailormade lecture, keynote talk or workshop
  • Inspiration & Information
  • Online or onsite

I discuss the dreaming brain on stages online and off in both Dutch and English.

A talk will always be tailormade to audience, length and specific topic.