Over the past ten years I’ve discussed the dreaming brain on stages online and off, and in international media of all varieties (in both Dutch and English). Did you know that dreams are studied at universities worldwide, that there’s a scientific research paper fully devoted to dream research, that sleeping in can literally make you smarter, that you can influence what you are dreaming about? I can talk about the sleeping brain for hours.

Any lecture, workshop or other speaking performance is always tailor-made. My main expertise lies in using dreams for personal and professional inspiration. My favorite topics to present on are:

  • What do our brains do while we sleep?
  • How can we wake up with a new idea?
  • What are the benefits of paying attention to our dreams?
  • How do creatives and trailblazers dream up new insights?
  • Can we use sleep as a brainstorming tool?

If you’re interested in other dream or sleep related areas, please let me know. As a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams I know dream experts worldwide and I would be happy to refer you if you have a dream question outside of my core focus.

To learn more about the speaking options or to request an interview, contact me for a 15 minute call. Let’s see how I can help you get exactly what you need.