The Concept

Did you know that our brains are very active while we sleep? That dreaming is being studied at universities all over the world? In the past 20 years, some cool discoveries have been made – our brains never stop working.

While we sleep, we process information and freely make associations while intuition and emotion are on full speed. This makes dreaming weird, confrontational, connective and also a super brainstorm.

Harvard psychology professor Deirdre Barrett, who sees dreams as essentially another way of thinking, points out that in sleep we are in a brain state with its own set of rules and possibilities. This is also the reason why we sometimes wake up with a good idea. Want to bypass your standard train of thought and get un-stuck? Sleep on it. But, do it intentionally.

Because the great news is: this power can be harnessed, if you know how. And that’s exactly what I am here to teach you. Because the results are transformational. While sleeping on a problem, I have seen people figure out:

  • where they are stuck, and what to do about it
  • the core of relationship dilemmas
  • a new angle for strategic decisions
  • a business direction that truly connected with their heart

So why doesn’t everyone know about this? I think it’s because the neuroscience behind it in it is pretty new. In this blog I dive deeper on that and there’s more blogs to come. Because I think that if we connect with your inner genius and harness the power of your dreaming mind we can solve problems, achieve clarity, and increase insight. All from the comfort of our own bed.

Currently I am beta testing Business Dream Sessions to intentionally sleep on a work issue. Contact me if you would like more information or to apply for a test slot.