Dreamstorming: Solutions While We Sleep

Our brains never stop working, and a dreaming brain is at it’s height of creativity and intuition.

In sleep we are in a brain state with its own set of rules and possibilities. We connect information in ways we wouldn’t do in the day.

This makes dreaming weird, confrontational, connective and also: a super brainstorm. Deirdre Barrett, PhD (Harvard) sees dreams as essentially another way of thinking. That explains why we often wake up with a good idea.

So let’s practice this skill! Every Friday my friend Anna and me host a Dreamstorming Room on Clubhouse. We share tips to intentionally sleep on a problem. We celebrate results. We would love for you to join us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does sleeping on a problem work? Read here more about the concept.

What is the scent hack I have been hearing about? Read all about the reseach on scent to kickstart your sleeping brain.

How can I analyze my own dreams? There’s many methods, so feel free to explore. I find this list of questions from Dr. Gayle Delaney a helpful prompt to discover what’s behind a dream.

Where can I learn more about dreams? See here an ever-growing list of free resources. Let me know what else should be on there!

Where can I listen to past Dreamstorming discussions? Check out the replays on my Clubhouse profile.

What’s the music that you play in the room? It’s My Soul and Daydream by DEPHCUT.

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