Training for coaches

Here’s a question that I get a lot: let’s say you are a professional coach, and you know unpacking a dream can help to uncover core issues, subconscious wishes, and hidden blockers. But how to start doing this?
No worries, I got you. I work with professional coaches who want the tools to discuss dreams with their clients.

Unpacking dreams with a client might tell you:

  • What is blocking them, that they might not even be aware of
  • What is overlooked, and needs attention
  • What is slumbering on an emotional level, and is hard to put into words
  • If you both are on the right track
  • What resources they might overlook

Let’s give you a solid foundation to successfully navigate a cooperative dream discussion with your clients. So that you have the tools to:

  • identify different kinds of dreams
  • work with dreams as a metaphor
  • extract insight and inspiration from a dream
  • discover what it means when you dream of your client
  • help your clients to use dreams to fastforward toward their life goals

Discussing dreams with your client helps them see the situation with a new perspective and help map the next steps.

This 8 week intensive training is done over Zoom, with a maximum number of participants of ten. Please contact me for more information and starting dates.